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Big span cable tray and modular cable tray
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Big span cable tray

The current big span cable tray is made of FRP profiles are assembled into, for power cables, control cables, lighting cables and accessories. Compared with the iron bridge, with long service life (typically designed to last 20 years), low cost and easy to install (only for carbon steel 1/4, no hot work in construction, a single root bridge can be up to 8 m in length, or longer), easy to cut, no need to maintain, and other advantages.

Modular cable tray

Modular cable bridge is a new bridge, is a cable bridge series of second generation products. It application projects, a variety of units, cable laying, it is simple, flexible, easy to install, new forms and so on.

Modular cable tray as long as width of 100, 150, 200mm composed of three base-can you need size cable tray, it is not necessary to siphon, tees and other accessories can be installed according to any steering, variable-width, on, diverting. In any position, require no drilling, welding tube available leads. It the design, and convenient transportation, easy installation and construction, is the most ideal products cable tray.