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Bridge design
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Intelligent building of weak system, usually has multiple information monitoring and communications facilities such as BA (buildings Automation), and OA (Office Automation), and CA (communications Automation), corresponding of system composition, to BA for cases, except buildings itself of power, and for drainage, and air conditioning, and elevator and parking, facilities configuration necessary of information monitoring outside, also has SA (Security Automation), and FA (fire Automation), several a subsystem, achieved system integrated or part system integrated. According to building subject of function needs to determine its grade and content, these system including different category of cable and wire, which some is belongs to has source cable (power voltage General for DC12/24/48V and AC220V), due to building industry of constantly of development cable Bridge frame also in times and constantly get market of recognized and accept cable Bridge frame industry of localization efforts, products selection quality cold rolled plate, get widely concern products selection quality cold rolled plate, surface process has cold plating zinc, and hot plating zinc, and Electrostatic spraying, fire retardant paint, paint and so on.

Products are widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, communications, high-rise buildings and other areas, with elegant shapenment, corrosion-resistant and strong, universal wide installation is flexible, convenience, variety and so on. The spirit of "quality first, credibility, management-oriented, service" purposes. Companies to provide customers with accurate and timely service, quality products, competitive prices, and now we will focus on looking ahead, and constantly open up, innovation, advance with the times. Some is is no source electric (light) cable (as data cable, and video with axis cable,), so, in wiring way and routing select of arranged for design Shi, should be difference, not only should meet specification of requirements, also to consider wiring of security, and can spread sex, and economic sex and beautiful, easy maintenance, cable Bridge frame as hosted various cable laying of carrier, from belongs to wiring of need, also should followed above principles be implementation.