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Cable Tray fill rate choice
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Cable ladder racks, pallet width and height of the selection, the fill rate requirements, cable ladder rack and tray filling rate in normal circumstances, 40%~50% power cables, control cables 50%~70% and 10%~25% project development allowance should be reserved.

Cable Tray load level choices

When selecting a cable tray load, cable tray uniform load should not exceed the selected cable tray load rated load if cable tray supports and hangers of the actual span is not equal to 2m, then the work load should meet the requirements. Hangers and various components meet the conditions of the corresponding load, its size and tray, ladder straight, curved series of matches.

Size selection of cable tray

In practice, in the size selection of the cable tray problem is either too large or too nervous. How to choose the cable tray specification? Code for design of civil architecture electric (JGJ16-2008), 8, 10, article 7: "the total cross-sectional area of cables with ratio of the cross-sectional area of the tray, power cables should not exceed 40% control cable should not be greater than 50%. ”

According to the bending radius of a cable select cable bridge

In choosing a cable bridge siphon or cited, and cited the next device, shall be not less than minimum bending radius of the cable within the cable tray.

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