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Cable Tray main parts
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Supporting Cable Tray installation, is through the column and the arm. Post is supporting the main part of the cable tray and tray loading is passed through the arm to column. Column and arm are two of the Cable Tray Installation major components.

Aluminum alloy frame

Short for aluminum Cable Tray installation, made of aluminum alloy material pallets or ladder through siphon annex consisting of supports and hangers to support the cables with continuous rigid structure of the overall device.

Ladder bridge

Ladder Cable Tray directly supported parts of the cable short, consists of two longitudinal side edges and several rung ladder parts

Perforated tray

With Groove-shaped parts of the cable tray directly supporting the cable referred to, by the side of the floor with eyelets and consisting of or made from whole after punching bending of aluminum alloy sheet with holes at the bottom of grooved parts

Non-porous pallets

Trough cable tray without holes referred to directly support the cable to part, formed by the bottom plate and side or from a whole Groove of aluminum alloy plates made of solid parts.