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Cable Tray selection of materials
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Cable Tray material is another common cable tray engineering design problems. According to the material Division, main cable trays are steel, glass and aluminum. Fiberglass cable tray features a light weight, only carbon steel 1/4; water resistance and good corrosion resistance, suitable for chemical plants. Easy burning, fire-resistant fiberglass Cable Tray type oxygen index ≥ 32. Long service life, General design life of 20 years, but the price is 3 times of steel cable trays. Advantages of construction is easy to cut, assemble flexible, installed without fire, explosion hazardous environment tight chemical plant engineering and engineering are especially significant because in a hazardous environment, engineering hot chemical plant must be shut down during installation, the economic benefits will be affected. 

Aluminum cable tray is also very light weight, due to the different proportion of aluminium, steel (Al=2.7,Fe=7.86), by weight, aluminum and steel ratio of approximately 1:3. Aluminum Cable Tray dimensions, load and steel bridge is close. As far as the cost, aluminum alloy bridge cost higher than galvanized steel cable trays 20%, service life is 5 times more than steel cable trays.