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Description of points should be noted when the cable tray installation
- Apr 05, 2017 -

(1). Visual inspection

Cable tray into the construction site, shall submit the following information products certification, provincial and municipal quality supervision station periodic inspection reports and relevant identification documents such as cable tray thickness should meet the relevant requirements. Hot-dip galvanized cable bridge rack plating should be uniform, no burning, hanging, grey, not galvanized local and other defects. Electrostatic spray should be flat, smooth, even, no peeling, no bubble, blister trays itself should be formed, distortion-free, internal wall should be smooth, Burr-free bridge weld surface should be uniform, there shall be no leakage defect such as weld, crack, burn-through.

(2). cable trays installation location

Level of bridge laying from the height should not be less than 2.5M. Bridge multiple installation, cooling, maintenance and the need for interference prevention, bridge layer should have a certain distance between cable bridge in parallel with the pipe laying, their spacing should be consistent with the relevant provisions.

(3). hanger installation

Quality of support and hanger of cable trays should be in line with existing technical standards when laying cable trays horizontal support span is generally 1.5~3M a try when laid vertically, fixed spacing between two adjacent bridge arm should not be larger than 2m level difference should not be greater than 10MM, two adjacent bridge arm perpendicular to the vertical centerline of the deviation should not exceed 20mm