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Grid bridge
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Mesh cable tray is suitable for power, communications cabling is an extension of traditional bridge!


1). scope

Metal mesh cable trays, material and performance in line with the norms


Cable Tray of raw materials for steel, welding, the final surface treatment.

Surface treatment:

1. electro galvanized for indoor installation;

2. hot-dip galvanized zinc coating thickness of between 60 to 80 microns;

3. stainless steel (201 202 304 316 316L)


<1> improved system upgrades and maintenance, leaving room for the upgrade.

<2> flexible application of comprehensive wiring system, apply to the wiring bridge from top to bottom line.

<3> lines and equipment maintenance is quick and safe.

<4> Save twice to repeat the high cost of investment.

<5> weight is only 1/5 of traditional bridge.

<6> Save 2/3 installation time than a traditional bridge.

<7> distribution system and the surrounding cleaner production environment, health and beauty.

<8> network of agencies make it more heat, and effectively extend the service life of the cable.