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Advantages Of Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame Products
- May 24, 2017 -

Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame, also known as industrial Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame, is a squeeze industrial aluminum and special industrial aluminum parts connected by the composition of the universal system framework collectively. The following is a collection of Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame information for everyone, which generally contains all aluminum profiles.

First, the advantages of Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame products

  Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame products, mechanical properties, high connection strength, carrying capacity; generous surface, anti-corrosion and so on. Users can freely design according to the actual needs, installed into a perfect structure of the mechanical device. High-precision accessories to simplify the assembly process, reducing the difficulty of assembly, shorten the workload, and fully improve the production efficiency.

Second, the characteristics of Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame 1, the use of a wide range: for the machine frame, stents, doors, industrial automation equipment, factories and offices of the table, shelves, containers, ladders and so on. 2, construction convenience: a modular and multi-functional, without the need for complex design and processing, you can quickly build the ideal mechanical equipment coat. 3, handsome and practical: light and high rigidity, simple and beautiful appearance without paint. 4, scalability: a unique T-shaped, groove design, the installation of components without the need to remove the profile, you can install nut bolts in any position, modified equipment is simple and quick.