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Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame Bearing Capacity Of The Strong Line Of Force Less Mention
- Jul 20, 2017 -

Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame according to the size of the budget can choose how much different aluminum alloy combination. Such as LBG, LD (side beam L profiles, joystick D profiles), 34H30H (side beam 34H profiles, 30H profiles), KXXX (side beam KX profiles, joystick XX profiles) series suitable for use in small and medium sized rooms; And DXBXX (DXBXX), DXBXX (side beam DXB profile), DXBKX (side beam DXB profile, joist KX profile), DXBDXB (side beam DXB profile, joystick DXB profile), DXBXX, DXXX, DXDX series (unit price from low to high arrangement) is more suitable for use in large and medium-sized room; 50D series for semi-closed cable frame (alignment channel) Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame is suitable for horizontal, vertical and multi-layer separation. Compact structure, large amount of wiring, expansion and follow-up works when the laying of the line can be easily achieved "three lines" separation.

The mounting dimensions of the Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame can be determined by the user according to the actual situation of the engine room.

Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame according to the use of environmental distribution room (indoor) cable and outdoor cable management (hot galvanized).

Outdoor Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame generally with angle steel, flat steel, porous U-shaped steel combination processing and then surface hot galvanized.

Room (indoor) cable frame According to the requirements can choose Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame or steel cable frame.

Install the top of the cabinet

In the actual installation of the data center, due to the floor is too high, the top of the special structure or owners do not want to damage the ceiling and other reasons can not install the hanger. In this case, you can select the top of the cabinet to install the cable management. The top bracket and the cabinet are bolted and fixed, and the top of the cabinet is open without holes. Bracket installation height of any, the bottom of the cable frame is generally higher than the top 150mm ~ 200mm cabinet, the actual height to be considered the overall situation of the engine room, give priority to ensure that the cable above the wiring space. It is important to note that this installation requires all the cabin in place, and the spacing between the cabinets can not be too large, resulting in the cable frame is too large to cause the waist, and after installation cabinet is not easy to adjust.

Ground support installation

Floor installation The ground support installation is the installation of the cable stand, commonly used in outdoor base stations. Unconditional ceiling of the engine room, the equipment is not in place, the cable can be fixed wall and the ground. If the room has a static floor, the need to open the floor of the static floor so that the column and the ground rooting fixed.