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Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame Can Be Arbitrarily Changed Width
- Jul 20, 2017 -

Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame is the telecommunications, mobile, Unicom and other operators of high standard room, base station indispensable products. It has the role of wiring management, fiber optic cable, five lines, wires, cables set up standardization; and support all the cable weight function. This product meets the requirements of the Ministry of Information Industry, for the whole open-type bare-shelved. The main material selection of high-quality aluminum alloy, bearing a large, uniform, suitable for horizontal, vertical and multi-layer separation cloth line occasions. Compact structure, large amount of wiring, expansion and follow-up works when the laying of the line can be easily achieved "three lines" separation. The size of the installation of the cable can be arbitrarily designed by the actual situation of the engine room.

Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame Features:

(1) Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame width adjustable, single, double, multi-layer, vertical alignment, horizontal alignment, any combination.

(2) Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame average weight per meter more than 300kg.

(3) Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame spacing adjustable; general 250mm-400mm; hanging interval 1.5m-2m.

(4) Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame with special parts on-site assembly, easy to transport.

(5) Aluminum Alloy Wire Frame can be ceiling installation, ground support installation, along the wall to install, can also be used as a ladder.