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Bridge Ground Four Illustrate
- Apr 05, 2017 -

1, bridge should have reliable electrical connections and grounding of the system (only the metal bridge).

2, while allowing the use of bridge system grounding trunk circuits should comply with the following requirements. Bridge end connection between resistance should not exceed 0.00033 ohm, grounding holes clear insulating coating. 1KV and below in neutral point indirectly grounded power system, connected to electric equipment earthing and neutral earthing of the system. Cut off the power supply when installed porch, bridge class metal cross sectional area shall be not less than the specified value.

3, laid along the bridge a total length when the grounding line, each (including non-linear) bridge with grounding line should be at least a little reliable connections.

4, for the vibrating place, should be installed at the connection of coils at the grounding site.