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Cable Tray Cover How To Apply?
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Cable Bridge frame shield is a for power or communications cable go line engineering of cable Bridge frame Shang of shield, by plate suppressed and into, the cable Bridge frame shield of top surface (1) and top surface on both sides of folding side (2) are for bump surface shape, top surface (1) Shang of convex (11) and concave (12)-and-continuous set, each a convex (11) and concave (12) unit of two to same direction bent into folding side (2), convex (11) and concave (12) Zhijian of high poor is less than 8 mm, The utility of the high-strength structural Cable Tray shield, because the entire CAP plane made of convex-shaped structure, thus increasing the shield of steel steel, due to the strength of steel, thin materials can be used, such as using the same gauge its strength more than twice times, its main advantage is cost reduction, product deformation.