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Cable Tray Type And Variety Selection
- Apr 05, 2017 -

1, shield cable networks or external protection of electrical interference (such as: corrosive liquid, flammable dust and other environmental) effect of request should be selected trough type of compound anti-corrosion shielded cable bridge (with cover)

2, strong corrosive environment should be used (f) composite epoxy resin corrosion protective flame retardant cable tray, bracket, bracket use the same material, increase the service life of trays and accessories, cable tray easy to dust and other environments or outdoor sites should be stamped to be covered.

3, in addition to the above cases, environmental and technical requirements in accordance with the site selection tray, trough, cascade-style, glass corrosion-free flame retardant cable trays or steel common bridge. Easy to dust and other covered environment or outdoor sites should be stamped ...

Paragraph 4, in the public channel or outdoor cross roads, steps should be added at the bottom of the pad at the bottom or in the tray. Large span across public channels, according to user requirements can increase the load carrying capacity of bridge or selected rows.

5, span (>3M) to use composite bridge.

6, outdoor use composite epoxy resin tray.