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Cable Tray Very Powerful Properties
- Jun 19, 2017 -

There are a lot of questions about the cable tray bridge. Most people do not know much about this knowledge. Cable tray There are many types of cable tray, the characteristics of different uses different role, the cable tray bridge in life is common, looking at the cable tray tray is a kind of regardless of the form and the environment can be installed, what is the cable tray bridge, Not affected by any resistance, where I found there is also used for fire prevention, in daily life, the cable did not get properly handled Sometimes the time really dangerous on your side, see this I was shocked, fire and corrosion this Kind of cable tray should be expensive, and long life, this bridge is now widely used in our lives, with such a good bridge in the cable that we also worry about what.

Cable tray tray Note:

1, DQJ cable tray tray device maximum load, support spacing should be less than allow the load and support span.

2, select the width of the cable tray tray should leave a certain spare space.

3, when the power cable and control cable less, can be installed with a cable tray, but the middle of the partition with the power cable and control cable separated laying.

4, cable tray bridge device should be a reliable grounding. If the bridge is used as the grounding line, the end of each bridge should be connected with 16mm2 soft copper wire (parallel) together with the total ground line. Long distance cable bridge every 30-50 meters grounding once.

5, the cable tray bridge device in addition to shielding the protective cover, the outdoor installation should be in the top of the protective cover, to prevent the sun, rain. For welding installation, the thickness of the weld around the weldment shall not be less than the thickness of the mother, the weld must be anti-corrosion treatment.