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Characteristics Of The Cable Tray And Piping Erection
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Cable Tray and process pipelines were laid, not alone takes up cable channels, save space, but also to avoid making problems with underground pipeline.

Cable laying in the air, good heat dissipation conditions than the cable tunnel without ventilation and drainage, low operating costs, once the cable fails, processing is also very convenient.

Device ID, the new cables, alternate location can take full advantage of cable tray, which is very convenient.

With the improvement of fire alarm products, cable probe can be used to monitor the cable, once a certain temperature is too high, exceeds the set value detector, alarm, officer on duty time inspection and remove hidden dangers to avoid causing accidents.

Compared with other cable cable bridge, has an obvious advantage, regardless of site trunk line or with an installation of wiring, laying cable trays can be used. Direct-buried cable while the lower construction cost, it covers an area of large, plant expansion increasing cable re-excavation, due to expansion of construction damage the cable, causing blackouts and handling difficulties, long time needed to restore power, direct-buried cable be used armored cable, its price is expensive than cable, bent inconvenience. Compared to the cable channel plans and direct-buried cable, with a certain degree of flexibility, but most of the petrochemical enterprises are places where inflammable and explosive, trenches and gathering danger gas, causing problems, contain chemical material and chemical surface water, a long time, inevitably causing pollution to the cable channel. Deep trenches a meter or so, on the cover, officers patrol much inconvenience. Cable tunnel maintenance, increased cable handy features, but because of its underground cable heat dissipation conditions are poor, forced ventilation requirements, has been plagued by leaks, periodically drain, and high operating costs. Can only be used in cable set lots of cable tunnel, after the cable leads, remains to be buried or in trenches, inevitably there is the disadvantage of this method.