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Classification Of Cable Ladder
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Cable ladder cable tray, is a room devoted to the alignment of the device into Telecom, Netcom, broadcasting the after engine room via a cable ladder beam, cable access terminals, used for banding, cable tie.

Indoors go wiring wiring and outside frame in two. Indoor walking frame is mainly made of high quality steel or aluminum alloy materials, antioxidant spray after galvanizing or paint and other surface treatments. Outside frame using steel, hot-dip galvanizing process. Cable ladder is mainly used for computer room and base stations inside and outside various types of cable laying. Have nice appearance styles, high strength, easy installation, easy arrangement of cables.

Apply to horizontal, vertical, and multiple separate lines. Compact structure, large amount of wiring, distribution lines construction of expansion and subsequent project can easily achieve "three lines" separation. Cable ladder installation size can be determined by the user according to the engine room with flexible design.

Cable ladder using the environment room (indoor) line and the outside frame (galvanized).

Outside frame with angle steel, flat steel, perforated u-shaped steel machining surface after hot-dip galvanizing.

Computer room (indoor) walk the line according to the requirements you can choose aluminum frame or steel frame.