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Design Of Galvanized Cable Tray
- Sep 20, 2017 -

Cable bridge is divided into trough, tray and ladder-type, galvanized bridge mesh structure and other structures, by the bracket, arm and installation accessories and other components. The inside of the building can be set up independently, can also be attached to a variety of construction (structure) and corridor stent, should reflect the structure is simple, handsome in appearance, flexible configuration and easy maintenance features, all parts are required galvanized , Installed in the building outside the bridge.

Bridge design Intelligent building weak system, usually a number of information monitoring and communication facilities such as building automation, office automation, communication automation and other corresponding system components, in addition to the building itself, power supply, water supply and drainage, air conditioning, elevators and parking facilities Configure the necessary information monitoring, there are security automation, fire automation and other subsystems, to achieve system integration or part of the system integration. According to the functional requirements of the main building to determine its level and content, these systems include different types of cables and wires, some of which are active cable (power supply voltage is generally DC12 / 24 / 48V and AC220V), due to the construction industry The development of cable tray is also advancing with the times and continue to be recognized by the market and accept the cable bridge industry localization efforts, the product selection of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, widely concerned about the selection of high-quality cold-rolled steel products, the surface of a cold galvanized, Hot galvanized, electrostatic spraying, fire paint, paint and so on. The products are widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical, power, school communications, high-rise buildings and other fields, with beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, versatility, flexible installation, the full range and so on.

Company technical department received the order, the first user to map to digest, if any doubt, timely by telephone, telex, etc. to negotiate, if necessary, sent to the Design Institute, Party, a clear drawings after CAD-aided design , And then copy the hair to the process. In the "quality first, reputation as the most important, management-oriented, service-oriented" purposes. The company promises: product warranty period of 18 months, during this period is the company's product quality problems, free repair or replacement. The user's request, the company can be 24 hours to the user to make a satisfactory answer.