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Explain What Are The Main Features Of 36U Type Steel Wire Frame?
- Oct 12, 2017 -

36U Type Steel Wire Frame due to the curvature of the shape of the pressure capacity, plus cable cable link parts, elastic adjustable, compared with other rigid support with a retractable and stable and reliable carrying capacity to adapt to the soft rock of the load and deformation. For the mine roadway, mine roadway secondary support, as well as the support of the mountain tunnel support is the best choice.

U Type Steel Wire Frame straight wall semi-circular arch support shed in the mining roadway crossing point of the application, and achieved remarkable results.Use U Type Steel Wire Frame retractable bracket, better solve the problem of excavation support. 36U steel brackets are more reliable and stable than other rigid supports. They adapt to the load and deformation of soft rock, the high utilization rate of the joints, the ease of support, the small amount of maintenance, the high recovery rate of the support and the reduction of the pit Wood use, environmental benefits are very obvious.

Mine U Type Steel Wire Frame support as a mine support is a lot of benefits, because in recent years, mine mining depth continues to increase, roadway rock gradually show deep rock specific high stress, large deformation, strong rheological and other mechanical characteristics, The use of conventional conventional support methods is difficult to meet the current safety production needs, high-strength U-U Type Steel Wire Frame the operation and born, to assume the support of coal mine safety operations (such as the development of coal mine, Of the pillars of the pillars.

Mine U Type Steel Wire Frame is a focus on the mine support U Type Steel Wire Frame, safe, has been recycled, is its biggest selling point, in the stent plant nearly 10 years specializing in the production of U Type Steel Wire Frame stent, miners steel stent, ; Products on the market by users praise.