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Inorganic GFRP Bridge Ten Advantages
- Apr 05, 2017 -

① waste after treatment: after smashing can apply to landfills, almost no pollution to water, soil, air, is a very nice friendly materials.

II inorganic glass steel bridge has the effect of heat insulation and sound absorption.

③ to purify the air: can be used to absorb carbon dioxide in the air.

Black mass is very small: its mass is less than acrylic steel bridge.

⑤ good inorganic GFRP bridge waterproofing.

⑥ inorganic GFRP bridge strength is relatively large.

Sadly, costs are not high: raw material price fluctuations is very small.

⑧ aging well: in less than 20 years inorganic glass steel bridge will not be deformed.

Krispy Kreme is non-combustible inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic tray.

⑩ temperature resistance is stronger: the vast majority of cases, when the temperature is 400 degrees Fahrenheit, can ensure that products cannot be Variant.