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Installation Method Of Aluminum Alloy Walking Wire Frame
- Jul 11, 2017 -

Ceiling Lifting

At present, the data center integrated wiring popular on-line, on-line rack is easy to maintain and heat dissipation, conducive to air conditioning ventilation, but also play a role in rodent protection, waterproof. The design should fully consider the installation of clearance height, as well as lights, fire fighting, wind pipes and beam-column and so on. On-line rack recommended to install a set of hangers every 1.5 meters, but also according to the actual load to calculate the specific span, such as local high load conditions need to increase the density of hanger. When installing the double layer walking wire frame, the strong and weak electric Wire Frame vertical spacing ≥300mm. Due to the top of the net high limit, the strength of the Wire Frame can be installed on the same plane, horizontal interval ≥150mm.

Top installation of Cabinet

In the data center actual installation, will be due to high floors, the top structure of the special or owners do not want to destroy the ceiling and other reasons can not be installed hanger. In this case, you can choose to install the line rack at the top of the cabinet. The top bracket and the cabinet adopt the bolt link fixed, the Connaught cabinet top hole needs to open the hole. The bracket installs the height arbitrarily, the bottom line rack generally is higher than the cabinet top 150mm~200mm, the actual height needs to consider the overall situation of the room comprehensively, gives priority to ensure the walk line space above the line frame. It is necessary to note that the installation of the cabinet is all in place, and the spacing between the cabinets can not be too large, resulting in the line rack across the large collapse of the waist, and after the installation of the cabinet is not easy to adjust.

Ground Support Installation

The ground support installation is to install the walking Wire Frame site and is often used for outdoor base stations. In the room of unconditional ceiling, equipment is not in place, the Wire Frame can be fixed wall