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Is The Outdoor Wire Frame And The Fiber Channel The Same?
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Outdoor cable and indoor Wire Wire Frame almost, also known as the bridge, a bit like a ladder fixed on the wall. Is a ladder, ladder file can be tied cable, cable, wire, generally do not tie fiber.

Fiber channel, is specifically for the deployment of soft fiber and prepared plastic, iron (painted) of the cable trough. Narrow 20 cm wide, adjustable depth. Generally used in indoor from the transmission equipment to the ODF Wire Frame soft fiber used. This thing is more professional, on the grade.

If you do not want to use the root of the washing machine with a hard bellows can replace it.

One is used to track the bridge, like a ladder, is open type.

One is professional, only for soft fiber, very professional, very expensive, put the mouse.

Want to replace the use of bellows, the soft fiber into the line on the line, but basically nothing to prevent. Knife cut off.

(Soft fiber is yellow or other colors, soft, thin, single or multiple can be 16.)

Under the bottom of the board to be installed under the fixed two trunking, one to take the power cord, the other take the data line. The bottom of each cabinet is required to correspond to the punch, the line into the cabinet. On the alignment need to be fixed on the ceiling hanging crane Wire Frame, and then wiring to each cabinet. The top of the cabinet needs to be routed by the cable management, using the lifting method to fix the Wire Frame on the ceiling, the corresponding line from the top of the cabinet into the cabinet.