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Performance Characteristics Of Galvanized Steel Cable Tray
- Sep 20, 2017 -

The price of steel in the continuous long, Galvanized Steel Cable Tray this year, the price from the reserve price in previous years also with the raw material prices in the slow recovery, the price increase is the market is constantly active. But also to promote the rapid economic development.

The most common bridge in the bridge is the ordinary galvanized bridge, and the ordinary galvanized bridge and galvanized ladder bridge. Galvanized bridge in the galvanized ladder bridge, low price, wide applicability, by the majority of customers love, galvanized ladder bridge cooling performance is good, for power cables also apply

Product Description:

Galvanized Steel Cable Tray, simple structure, wide range of applications, in the power system has been widely used, Galvanized Steel Cable Tray length can be customized, surface treatment diversification.


Galvanized bridge, the surface of the diversified approach to increase the galvanized bridge surface corrosion and oxidation of the effect of galvanized bridge is the most commonly used bridge bridge type. Volkswagen selective high bridge.

Galvanized bridge is different from the fire bridge

One from the material of the different ideas

Fire bridge, from the literal meaning to explain, mainly to have the role of fire and fire, then the fire bridge in the fire performance is better than the other bridge 2. galvanized bridge, galvanized bridge surface zinc corrosion Role, this from the buyer's point of view, its use of the environment, corrosive relatively high

Material distinction

1 The surface of the fire bridge can not be the surface layer of the galvanized bridge, the type of fireproof bridge fiberglass bridge and Promise composite fire bridge (steel bridge surface spray fire plastic after embedding Promise fire board) as its fire effect is better The

2 galvanized bridge, galvanized bridge surface covered with galvanized steel bridge, galvanized bridge is divided into hot-dip galvanized bridge (hot dip zinc bridge) and ordinary galvanized bridge, they have metallic luster, rather than fire bridge Surface spray color.