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Purchase Of Big Span Cable Tray
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Big span cable tray is made of pultruded FRP profiles are assembled, suitable for power cables, control cables, lighting cables and accessories. Compared with the iron bridge, with long service life (typically designed to last 20 years), low cost and easy to install (only for carbon steel 1/4, no hot work in construction, a single root bridge can be up to 8 m in length, or longer), easy to cut, no need to maintain, and other advantages.

Big span cable tray are widely used in the laying of the cable bridge, how to easily choose the right bridge? And see it along with the small series.

1, under the strong and weak electricity choice fill rates, bridge width and height of the selection, the fill rate requirements, cable ladder, fill rates in the General case, power cable 40%-50%, 50%-70% control cable, and to reserve 10%-25% project development margin.

2, big span Bridge frame to verify, for span steel bridge and spans greater than 6m than 2m or hosting requirements greater than the load rating d-grade aluminum alloy bridge, according to project conditions for strength, rigidity and stability calculations or experiments.