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Requirements For Installation Of Wire Frame And Ladder Ladder
- Jun 30, 2017 -

First, the installation of outdoor Wire Frame specifications:

A) Outdoor cabling ladder installation and path must be installed according to the requirements of the drawings, the drawings are not required or according to the requirements of the drawings should be installed difficult to choose a reasonable path, and need to design staff, construction unit management personnel to communicate and agree Can be installed, change the drawings must be reflected in the construction plan to design changes to the drawings.

B) Wire Frame the cable tower directly connected to the machine room into the mouth, in the bottom 20cm below the mouth with four expansion bolts installed and a line with the width of ∠5 ~ ∠7 fixed iron, Line of the cable tower is also installed on a fixed iron, (so that the cable side by the tower side of the low side of the machine room to prevent the rain into the engine room), cable rack in the fixed iron on both ends, if it is color steel room Support Wire Frame racking cable Wire Frame, cable Wire Frame length of more than 3 meters, each interval of 3 meters to install a support Wire Frame.

C) the cable Wire Frame should be welded with the lightning rod, the welding point must be in the top of the cable Wire Frame, the roof has a ground reinforcement, the two sides must be and the grounding grid welding, Wire Frame racks every 12 meters And ground wire welding once.

D) the cable Wire Frame should be reduced to minimize the turning angle of not less than 90 °, all installed after each bolt to be checked and fastened.

Second, ladder installation specifications:

A) first with the installation of materials, with a good pen than the real seal, printed more particularly careful, and then drill with the impact drill,

Expansion bolts installed in the corresponding material, with a small head slowly beat to install.

B) the general situation of the first ladder to take the burden (ladder pick out the length of the outside should be aligned with the bracket, if it is brick wall

The inside of the installation of a reverse pull fixed iron), and then hanging ladder.

C) After climbing the ladder, tie the ladder with a double rope, and the other tied to a firm and reliable place (such as the tower)

The descendants can climb the ladder work, the construction staff of the insurance belt hanging on the ladder, and then put a rope tied to the impact of drilling, all the tools are used to convey the rope, ladder should be linked to a pair of loaded a pair of bracket , Absolutely guarantee the safety of construction workers. D) safety and material tools fall.

E) ladder should be higher than the top of the wall 0.5 meters, each interval of 0.8-1m to install a trailing cross, ladder lower

Extending to the bottom of the feeder line 1 meter to facilitate the installation of the feeder.

Third, the outdoor cable Wire Frame requirements:

A) outdoor cable Wire Frame material selection of hot galvanized, to meet the requirements of the use of strength. B) Outdoor Wire Frame management rack should be firmly installed, there is sufficient support.

C) The outdoor alignment Wire Frame is located correctly and should be along the feeder window and conform to the design requirements of the construction drawing. D) Outdoor Wire Frame width is correct, should be greater than 400mm.

E) There must be a continuous Wire Frame between the tower and the mast to the feeder window. F)

The outdoor Wire Frame management path is reasonable, easy to install the feeder and meet the feeder radius requirements.

G) the side of the Wire Frame management should be maintenance ladder, the height should be in the feeder window along the following 1.5 ~ 2m. H) The maximum distance between the outdoor Wire Frame ties is 800 mm. I) The width of the cross section of the outdoor crossbar is 50mm and the minimum thickness is 5mm. J)

The outdoor Wire Frame ties should be reliably welded by flat iron between each section and reliably connected to the grounding system.

K) Outdoor cabling at both ends should be grounded at the end of the machine room feeder line should be grounded separately ground

To the ground network, can not be connected with the feeder ground row, and can not be grounded with the feeder grounding.