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See Here For A Brief Introduction To U Type Steel Wire Frame
- Jun 30, 2017 -

U Type Steel Wire Frame in recent years have a very good application,  U Type Steel Wire Frame the market demand continues to increase and gradually increased, each u-steel products also have its own advantages.

The advantage of the chrome-nickel austenite type 301 is that the ductility is better and is generally used for forming products, as well as the agility of mechanical processing, and the advantages of abrasion resistance and fatigue strength are also significant The Type 316 is the most widely used steel, not only in the food industry and surgical devices have a good application, which is also the basic guarantee of corrosion resistance of molybdenum.

Type 44 is a high-strength cutting tool steel, which is slightly higher carbon, after the appropriate heat treatment can achieve a higher strength, then can become the hardest stainless steel column.

U Type Steel Wire Frame, which is mainly in the mine roadway, there is the mine roadway secondary support, and that is the support of the mountain tunnel support and so on is a good use. If we use U Type Steel Wire Frame, for reducing the roof, as well as the film to help such an accident is a better occurrence of a preventive role.

For U Type Steel Wire Frame, it is very safe and reliable in terms of its own. In addition, for the stability of the mine ventilation system, there is a practical application in which, if you choose U Type Steel Wire Frame can be a fixed support, then you can in a very good degree for its digging Support the problem to solve.

Speaking of U Type Steel Wire Frame, it is actually a passive support, in terms of its mechanical properties is relatively good words, the other, for its tensile strength, there is the pressure strength in terms of words Is also relatively high, at the same time its toughness performance point of view is also relatively good. Its early support is relatively high, and in terms of its support strength is also relatively large, can be used for a number of times.

On the U Type Steel Wire Frame, it is more widely used in mine roadway. More prominent is in our deep complex roadway, there is in the soft coal roadway, if we use U Type Steel Wire Frame, you will find it is a kind, not only reasonable, and is more effective a support model The

For the U Type Steel Wire Frame, on its relatively good state of a force, in fact, that is, after our walls filled with dense, you can make it under pressure to show a more uniform situation. In addition, when used on the U Type Steel Wire Frame, and its surrounding rock pressure value reached the upper limit. The stent will produce compression, from this point of view, when we use, to try to avoid the wall pressure is greater than its bearing capacity.