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Several Techniques In The Installation Of Cable Tray
- Sep 20, 2017 -

Cable bridge is mainly made of steel, aluminum alloy, glass steel and other materials, for the cable cable metal trunking or staircase. Seemingly simple cable bridge construction and installation, but a small learning, not sloppy. Cable bridge installation mainly along the roof installation, along the ground installation, horizontal installation and vertical installation of several situations. In the process of installation of the bridge there are several tips can refer to:

1, hanger and bracket to maintain 90 degrees at right angles, and to ensure a stable and solid;

2, steel linear cable bridge length of more than 30 meters, FRP and aluminum alloy cable bridge more than 15 meters can be set when the expansion joints, in the building deformation joints can be set compensation device;

3, cable bridge between the connecting plate to ensure that each bolt firmly fixed, the nut should be installed in the outer side of the bridge;

4, each piece of metal bridge link at least two or more loose nuts or loose washers fixed bolts, and to set the copper ground wire;

5, if there are flammable or explosive pipeline pipeline or thermal pipe, cable bridge should be installed in the pipeline below;

6,2.3 turn; 2.1 feet at both ends of the connector 0.5m; 2.4 vertical bridge every 1.5 meters; 2.2 each distance 1.5 ~ 3m; these parts need to set up hanger or bracket;

7, the cable tray and its support bracket to set at least two ground wire.