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The Installation Of The Cable Tray Path
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Cable tray bridge is the oil, chemical, light industry, television, telecommunications and other aspects of the most widely used. It has a light weight, load, handsome in appearance, simple structure, easy installation and so on. It is suitable for the installation of power cables, but also suitable for control cable laying.

Cable tray bridge surface treatment is divided into two kinds of galvanized and spray paint, in the heavy corrosion environment can be special anti-corrosion treatment.

Cable tray The bridge is equipped with a shield, the need for the cover can be specified in the order or in accordance with the shield model order, all of its accessories and cascade, trough bridge common.

The maximum allowable load and variable of the cable tray under different spans

Cable tray path installation work is the most cumbersome and important process in the installation of nuclear power plant electrical installation, the combination of materials involved in hundreds, so the technical preparation staff and installation personnel installation skills will directly affect the construction of nuclear power construction progress and quality. Therefore, I combined with years of participation in the nuclear power plant cable tray installation process encountered some of the actual situation, summed up some of the electrical tray installation process problems and solutions.

During the installation of the cable tray, the main reason for this problem is due to the fact that the on-site installation workers are recruited by technical schools or social recruits, etc., due to the lack of skill in the installation of the workers. Less learning in the process of such installation work, usually social recruitment workers will only produce some simple water and electricity lines and pipelines. Solution: In the process of installation of the tray, especially the Taishan nuclear power plant tray specifications, including 100 side high × 100 wide (200 wide, 300 wide, 400 wide, 500 wide, 600 wide); 50 side high × 50 wide , 50 sides high × 100 wide; climbing tray section need to use to all types of elbow, but also because there are many unavoidable surrounding environment to the elbow processing and installation caused difficulties, so also on the processing All kinds of different specifications tray angle has a higher demand. Therefore, according to the actual situation of the scene, designed a suitable for a variety of elbow production processing methods, the elbow processing method does not require the amount of pallet climbing degree, only a simple measurement tool - ruler or tape.