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The Type Of Wire Frame
- Jun 07, 2017 -

There are two types of cabling and outdoor cabling. Indoor Wire Frame mainly used high-quality steel or aluminum alloy material, after anti-oxidation spray or galvanized paint and other surface treatment. Outdoor travel frame mainly uses steel material, after hot galvanizing treatment. The main frame is used for the laying of various types of cables inside and outside the base station and base station. With beautiful appearance and diverse styles, high strength, easy installation, easy to lay the cable and so on.

Applicable to horizontal, vertical and multi-layer separation of cloth line occasions. Compact structure, large amount of wiring, expansion and follow-up works when the laying of the line can be easily achieved "three lines" separation. The installation dimensions of the cable management frame can be determined by the user according to the actual situation of the room.

Wire Frame according to the use of environmental distribution room (indoor) cable and outdoor cable management (hot galvanized).

Outdoor Wire Frame generally with angle steel, flat steel, porous U-shaped steel composite processing and then surface hot galvanized.

Room (indoor) Wire Frame According to the requirements can choose aluminum frame or steel Wire Frame.

Aluminum alloy Wire Frame according to the size of the budget can choose how much different aluminum alloy combination. Such as LBG, LD (side beam L profiles, joystick D profiles), 34H30H (side beam 34H profiles, 30H profiles), KXXX (side beam KX profiles, joystick XX profiles) series suitable for use in small and medium sized rooms; And DXBXX (DXBXX), DXBXX (side beam DXB profile), DXBKX (side beam DXB profile, joist KX profile), DXBDXB (side beam DXB profile, joystick DXB profile), DXBXX, DXXX, DXDX series (unit price from low to high arrangement) is more suitable for use in large and medium-sized room; 50D series for semi-closed Wire Frame (alignment channel).

Steel Wire Frame generally sub-flat steel Wire Frame and porous U-shaped steel Wire Frame, flat steel Wire Frame for a suitable base station and smaller room use (belonging to the earlier products, with a large amount of steel weight). Porous U-shaped steel cable stand standard and light U-II type of two. U-II type Wire Frame suitable for use in the base station and small room (can replace the use of flat steel Wire Frame), the general thickness of 1.5mm, 2mm; standard porous U-shaped steel frame for large and small use of different rooms, 2mm, another 2.5mm, 3mm thickness can be customized. Beautiful structure, easy installation and expansion, hanging way flexible

(Sub-screw, U-shaped steel, aluminum alloy, etc.), hanging density (generally 1.5 meters - the width of the bar, the width of the bar, 2 meters), hanging length, or according to the provision of the machine room Wire Frame drawings offer.