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U Type Steel Wire Frame Cable Processing Steps And Technical Requirements
- Oct 12, 2017 -

U Type Steel Wire Frame cable as a U Type Steel Wire Frame positioning, demanding high strength, safe and stable, durable, the use of the equipment manufacturing cable to meet the requirements, and with the material province, forming stability, high processing efficiency and low investment High efficiency advantages.

Processing steps:

1) election materials. 16M or 20M16 × 80 steel plate;

2) cutting. 25U card cable length 460mm, 29U card cable length 480mm;

3) Hot rolling. Heating the steel plate to 1000-1200 DEG C;

4) punching tapping. In the U Type Steel Wire Frame card on three sides were playing a 22.5mm hole, and then use the wire tapping into the M24's thread, and with M24 × 35 bolts can be.

skills requirement:

1) U Type Steel Wire Frame cable should be consistent with the corresponding standards proposed by customers, and in accordance with the provisions of the procedures approved drawing and technical documents manufacturing.

2) The cable parts must have good interchangeability, the bolt should be installed directly on the cable tray.

3) the cable surface shall not have cracks, burrs, flash and other defects.

The use of a special manufacturing U-shaped steel cable processing machinery, processing of this cable, can save 20% of the material to improve its stability, easy installation, fastening performance can improve the work resistance, so as to meet the U Type Steel Wire Frame connection requirements. The processing machinery includes rack, forming mold, forming hydraulic jack, stripping hydraulic jack and intermediate frequency heating equipment.