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U Type Steel Wire Frame Of The Force State
- May 24, 2017 -

U steel stent the best state of stress is the wall after filling the compact so that it is evenly compressed, when used as U Type Steel Wire Frame on the wall pressure value reaches a certain value, the stent will produce compression, so that the role of the surrounding rock U The pressure on the steel frame is reduced, so that the bearing pressure of the surrounding rock is greater than that of the U Type Steel Wire Frame.

According to the specific situation of the site, the flexibility to choose the u-type steel bracket model, structure and shed distance, the correct guide roadway U Type Steel Wire Frame construction, to ensure its effective and reliable work, to speed up the roadway excavation speed, Safe production, extend the service life, get better technical and economic benefits, give full play to support the performance of the stent has important significance. Similar supporting products are miners steel, U-shaped steel, light rail and other mining steel. And independent production and processing all kinds of U-shaped steel stent, miners steel stent, cable, anchor, tray, single hydraulic pillars and other mining materials. Zhongxiang company also with Shougang, declared steel, Handan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Anshan Iron and Steel, and other major steel mills to establish a long-term friendly relations of cooperation. Long-term products in the country's major, medium and small mining bureau, and exported to Southeast Asia, West Asia and other regions. U-shaped steel straight wall semi-circular arch support shed in the mining roadway crossing point of the application, and achieved remarkable results, the choice of U-shaped steel retractable bracket, better solve the problem of excavation support.