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U Type Steel Wire Frame Products To Enhance The Market Share
- Oct 26, 2017 -

U Type Steel Wire Frame, also known as U Type Steel Wire Frame, with effective reduction of roof, sheet to help the occurrence of accidents, safe and reliable, improve the stability of the mine ventilation system and other significant features. Selection of U-shaped steel shrinkable bracket, better solve the problem of excavation support.

There is support to have to bear, how much weight to support, it is necessary to bear much pressure, U Type Steel Wire Frame Jiu a passive support, with good mechanical properties, tensile strength, high compressive strength, while a good toughness Performance, early support is better, support strength, can be used many times, is widely used in mine roadway, especially in the deep complex roadway and soft coal roadway, U Type Steel Wire Frame is an effective and reasonable support form.

U Type Steel Wire Frame main purposes:

Used for mine roadway, mine roadway secondary support, and mountain tunnel support support ....

U-shaped steel straight wall semi-circular arch support shed in the mining of the intersection of the use of the point and achieved remarkable results, the choice of U-shaped steel retractable bracket better solve the problem of excavation support U Type Steel Wire Frame than other rigid Can be reduced and stable reliability of the carrying capacity to adapt to the soft rock of the load and deformation, cross-section utilization is high, easy to support the support, maintenance of small, high recovery rate of stent recovery, reduce the use of wake-up call to inquire.