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What Are The Advantages Of U Type Steel Wire Frame?
- Oct 12, 2017 -

U Type Steel Wire Frame are more retractable and stable than other rigid brackets, and are suitable for the load and deformation of soft rock. The utilization rate of the joints is high, the support is small, the maintenance is small, the recovery rate is high Wood use, environmental benefits are very obvious.

U Type Steel Wire Frame is the best state of stress after the wall is compact and so that it is evenly compressed, when used as U Type Steel Wire Frame on the wall pressure value reaches a certain value, the stent will produce compression, so that the role of the surrounding rock U The pressure on the steel frame is reduced so as to avoid damage to the stent due to the bearing capacity of the surrounding rock.

U Type Steel Wire Frame:

Main features: to withstand the pressure, support for a long time, easy to install and so easy to deformation and so on.

Main purposes: mainly used for mine roadway, mine roadway secondary support, and the support of the mountain tunnel support and other purposes.

As the main steel for the manufacture of roadway shrinkable metal stents, U-shaped steel is widely used both at home and abroad. However, due to the U-shaped steel itself, the performance and requirements of inconsistencies, so the U-shaped steel cross-sectional shape, geometric parameters and materials are not the same. China's U-shaped steel production models are mainly 18U, 25U, 29U, 36U four. One of the first two strains of 60 years of products, is a waist positioning; the latter two are 80's products, is the ear positioning. U18 due to low carrying capacity, is rarely produced.