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Why Does The Cable Tray Be Galvanized Or Sprayed?
- Sep 20, 2017 -

The bridge is made of metal, its own as long as there is iron and carbon. But the iron will rust, the bridge will rust. Stainless steel bridge rust speed is very slow, the bridge surface treatment will delay the bridge itself rust, corrosion.

What are the main conditions for rusty iron products?

Iron put a long time will rust. Iron is easy to rust, in addition to its chemical nature because of its lively, but also with the outside world conditions also have a great relationship. Moisture is one of the substances that make iron easy to rust. However, the light does not make the water rust, only when the air in the dissolved oxygen in the water, the oxygen in the water environment with the iron reaction, will produce a thing called iron oxide, which is rust The Rust is a brown red material, it is not as hard as iron, it is easy to fall off, a piece of iron completely rust, the volume can be enlarged 8 times. If the rust does not remove, this sponge-like rust is particularly easy to absorb moisture, iron is rotten faster.

To remove the rust, you can use a variety of tools to shovel it, you can soak in the acidic solution to dissolve it out. After removing the rust, be sure to deal with the surface of the iron, coated with a layer of lead Dan, and then coated with paint; or coated with other metal is not easy to rust. A more thorough approach is to add some other metal to the iron, made of stainless steel. We are familiar with the stainless steel, that is, in the steel by adding a little nickel and chromium made of alloy.

1. Iron rust is the result of the combination of moisture and oxygen.

2. In the case of salt (of course, to become ion form), the degree of rust will be deepened, the speed will be accelerated

One is iron inside the impurities. Pure iron is not easy to rust, and now see the iron, are iron-carbon alloy, very easy to produce electrochemical corrosion.

Second, the presence of water. In a dry environment, iron is not easy to rust, the presence of water, so that electrochemical corrosion possible, and accelerated corrosion.

Air pollution, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide ... ... will produce acidic substances, corrosion of iron.